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Pediatric Neuro Surgery

Pediatric Neurosurgeon treats infants and children with disorders affecting the central and peripheral nervous system.

Pediatric Neurosurgery is a Super-Specialty of Neurosurgery and requires additional fellowship training after residency to specialize in the care of infants and children. The specialty focuses on the particular problems seen, and sometimes unique to, the pediatric age group.

As such, Pediatric Neurosurgery is exclusively dedicated to the care of children with neurosurgical disorders and incorporates a team approach involving many other Pediatric specialists including Paediatricians, Pediatric-Neurologist, Pediatric Intensitivist, Pediatric-Anesthesia, Neuro-radiologist, Neuro-oncologist, Pediatric-Orthopedics and Plastic-Surgeon.

Pediatric Neurosurgery is for infants and Children with disorders affecting the Central Nervous System like:

1. Hydrocephalus [ Including Neuroendoscopy ]
2. Tethered Cord syndrome [Spinal Dysraphism,Spina Bifida]
3. Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors (Pediatric Neuro-oncology)
4. Craniosynostosis
5. Surgery for Epilepsy
6. Brain and Spinal Cord Trauma
7. Cranial Dysraphism
8. Cerebrovascular Disorders (Including Moya Moya disease)
9. Ante-natal counseling for Neurosurgical Problems

Why ASUTOSH Hospital...?
  • Experienced & Dedicated Pediatric Neuro Surgeon from Mumbai...Dr. Naresh Biyani.
  • Surgical O.T with HEPA Filtre & Laminar Airflow.
  • High End Medical Grade Monitor of KARL STROZ with 3 chip camera.
  • Xenon Light Source & Harmonic Scalpel.
  • Surgical ICU for Pre & Post Operative Care.
  • Certified By NABH,International Standards of Care.
  • Negligible Infection Rate Post Surgery.
  • 100% Quality Care With Patient's Satisfaction & Safety.
  • Educate Every Patients About Their Illness & Treatment.

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