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Nonunion and Malunion Fractures
Non union fracture
Nonunion is permane nt failure of healing following a broken bone.

Nonunion is a serious complication of a fracture and may occur when the fracture moves too much, has a poor blood supply or gets infected. Patients who smoke have a higher incidence of nonunion. The normal process of bone healing is interrupted or stalled.
By definition, a nonunion will not heal if left alone. Therefore the patient's symptoms will not be improved and the function of the limb will remain impaired. It will be painful to bear weight on it and it may be deformed or unstable.
Malunion" is a clinical term used to indicate that a fracture has healed, but that it has healed in less than an optimal position. This can happen in almost any bone after fracture and occurs for several reasons.

Malunion may result in a bone being shorter than normal, twisted or rotated in a bad position, or bent. Many times all of these deformities are present in the same malunion.

Malunions can also occur in areas where a fracture has displaced the surface of the joint. When this happens, the cartilage in the joint is no longer smooth. This may cause pain, joint degeneration, "post-traumatic arthritis" or catching or "giving-way" episodes resulting from instability or incongruency of the joint.
What are the symptoms?
Difficulty bearing weight
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