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Non-Invasive Cardiology

Non-invasive cardiologists focus on the detection and treatment of heart disease, using external tests rather than instruments inserted into the body to evaluate and diagnose cardiac disorders. Patients with a history of heart disease, suspected valve disease or chest pain with unknown cause may be referred by their physician for a non-invasive evaluation.
The Signature clinical team is available to see and diagnose patients with advanced and unstable heart disease and provide expert care both on an inpatient and outpatient basis.
We use portable devices, which monitor your heart's rhythm and blood pressure during your normal daily routine, to help diagnose potential heart conditions.
The type of device we choose to use will depend on your symptoms and the reason for the monitoring.


An echocardiogram or echo is a scan that uses sound waves (ultrasound) to produce pictures of your heart. It's a completely painless test that doesn't have any side effects and doesn't use radioactivity. An echocardiogram tells us how well your heart is pumping and whether your heart valves are working properly, but it doesn't indicate whether or not you have angina. Our team of specialist will use the latest 2D and 3D echocardiography technology to produce images of your heart.

TMT / Exercise stress test

In this test patients are gradually increase their heart rate, thus increasing the blood requirement of the heart muscles. Simultaneously ECG records are taken. If there is a blockage of approximately more than 70% ECG shows changes, suggestive of Angina.
Patients have to physically exert for this test which uses a computerised machine. The level of the exercise is gradually increased according to a standard protocol called the Bruce's Protocol. The continuous ECG monitoring during the exercise would reflect any blood and oxygen deficit in the muscles of the heart during exercise. The patient is asked to stop exercising as soon as ECG changes appear or any symptoms of chest pain or discomfort or breathlessness are felt.Cardio pulmonary exercise test
A cardio pulmonary exercise test is used to assess the response of the heart and lungs to exercise. The test is useful for a number of cardiac and respiratory conditions.

Stress Echocardiogram

A stress echocardiogram or stress echo is a test we use frequently to diagnose and assess angina a pain associated with coronary artery disease). It does this by looking to see whether there is an adequate blood supply to your heart muscle when your heart rate is increased. We also occasionally use stress echocardiograms to assess other conditions such as valvular heart disease.

Holter Monitoring
  • Documents and describes abnormal electrical activity in the heart during daily activities to help doctors determine the condition of the heart.
  • Helps determine the best possible treatments
Electrocardiogram (ECG)

An ECG records the rhythm and electrical activity of the heart.
Small patches called electrodes are placed on your arms, legs and chest. These are connected to a recording machine which picks up the electrical signals produced by each heart beat.
The test can show problems with your heart rhythm, but you are likely to have other tests as well as an ECG.

Pulmonary Function Tests

Pulmonary function tests are a group of tests that measure how well your lungs work. This includes how well you are able to breathe and how well your lungs are able to supply oxygen to the rest of your body.
Your doctor may order these tests:

  • if you are having symptoms of lung problems
  • as part of a routine physical
  • to assess how well your lungs are functioning before undergoing surgery
Chest X-Ray

Takes a X-Ray picture of the heart, lungs and bones of the chest to determines whether the heart is enlarged or if fluid is accumulating in the lungs as a result of the heart attack.

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